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Grand Master Han Jung Doo’s Brief Biography (Professional History)

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Grand Master Han Jung Doo’s Brief Biography (Professional History)
1. GM Han's Promotion History
In 1965, his first step in one of the greatest martial arts, Hapkido, at his hometown and learned and taught under master Myung, Yoon Gun.
In 1967, he was promoted to 1
st degree black belt by Master Lee, Soo Kang in the province of Southern Jun-ra
In 1969, he was promoted to 2
nd degree black belt by Master Lee, Soo Kang at the province of Southern Chen-ran-amdo
In 1974, Promoted to be 3
rd degree black belt at Seoul and learned under Master Myung, Yoon Gun
In 1978, he was promoted to be 4
th degree black belt by Master Myung, Je Ok in Incheon
In 1981, he was promoted to 5
th degree black belt grade by Master Myung, Je Ok in Incheon
In 1986, he was promoted to be 6
th degree black belt by master Myung, Je Ok in Incheon
In 1990, he was promoted to be 7
th degree black belt by Master Myung, Jae Nam in Seoul
In 1996, he was promoted to be 8
th degree black belt by master Myung, Jae Nam in Seoul
In 2003, Promoted to 9
th degree black belt and established the Global Hapkido Federation (GHF)
In 2013, Promoted to be 9th degree black belt and acknowledged as Founder Hapki-Sun(Zen) by the Korean Traditional Martial Arts
Founders (KTMAF)

2. GM Han*s Professional History
In 1973, he was a master at the Hapkido Yeonmookwan HQ, in which lots of martial art trainers practiced to improve their skills
In 1978, he opened the Hansung Hall (Dojang) in Incheon
In 1981, he opened the Won Ryu Hapkido Hall in the city of Won-joo In 1983, he opened the Samsung Hapkido Hall in the province of
In 1985, he opened the Backam Hapkido Hall in Yong-in
In 1988, he worked in the Business Department at the IHF(International Hapkido Federation)
In 1990, he opened the Life Hapkido Hall (Dojang) in Seoul
In 1990, he started to perform as a international master in some countries; Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Israel.
In 1997, he opened the first martial art website for Hapkido and Taekwondo in Korea
In 1997, he established the World Hapkido Games Federation (WHGF)
In 2003, he changed the name World Hapkido Games Federation to Global Hapkido Federation (GHF) Throughout 1997 to 2004, he established oversea branch offices and halls (Dojangs) in the world; Belgium, Netherlands, German, Austria, Israel, France, Spain, United States, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland, and Iran.
In 1999, he was appointed Chief of Business Affairs in the Korea
Traditional Martial Art Council
In 2000, he was President of the Korea Martial Art Network
In 2000, the Adviser of Culture Maker Co.
In 2001, he was President of Korea Martial Art Culture Center
In 2004, he was President of Center for Cure-Exercises (CFCE)

3. GM Han's Literary Works (Writings) Oct. 1997, Life Hapkido was published by Hak-min-sa Co.
Oct. 1998, he made and produced CDs for examinations Mar. 1999, Manual for Hapkido; WHGF was published by the WHGF
Apr. 2000, he planned a program Hapkido Do-in (Spiritual Guide) Exercises* which means exercises for health
Oct. 2003, the video tape Hapkido Self-Defense Technique & Hapkido Cure Exercises was produced by the GHF.
Apr. 2004, he made and produced video tapes for promoting from lower grade to 1
st degree black belt and from 2nd degree black belt to
4th degree black belt

4. Events
In 1990, the first International Hapkido Games were held at Jang- chung gymnasium, Seoul
In 1995, the first World Hapkido Friendship Games were at the Center for Citizen of Yangchun-district, Seoul
In 1998, the second World Hapkido Games were at Goo-dong Gymnasium, Kwang-joo
In 2000, the third World Hapkido Games were at Mok-po Indoor Gymnasium, Mok-po
In 2002, the first World Martial Art Games were held at Kwang-myung Indoor Gymnasium, Kwang-myung
In 2004, Korean martial arts Health Management Method Study and registered with the Yoga Association, made a program.
In 2007, Korean martial arts innovation program promotion, open a dojang, Incheon Gye-yang-gu Wondang District open
In 2010, Hapkizen program study, prepared a textbook for physical training health method and mental health method.
In 2013, Declare Hapkizen and publish a textbook for bignners In 2014, World's First Hapkizen Training Program for Long-distance
Interactive training.
In 2015, Hapkizen seminar started in America and Europe.
In 2016, Open presentation of Hapkizen in front of Japanese Karate Aikido, Kendo Grandmasters and 10 Korean traditional martial arts founders at Korea - Japan martial arts exchange.
In 2016, Open presentation of Hapkizen at the invitation seminar for 100 instructors of Dr. Kim Hee-Young's, in the USA and at a seminar of 10 Korean Traditional Martial Arts Founders.
In 2017, Launch Korean martial artists 100-year-old Training Association.
In 2018, Started SNS System World Martial Arts Communication Movement Korean Martial Arts Zen Website Open




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