Privacy Policy

Information on collecting and usingpersonal information

"합기선" (hereinafter referred to as"Company") respects your personal information and abides by the Acton the Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection.

The Company will disclose the personal information providedthrough the Personal Information Protection Policy to the purpose and manner inwhich the personal information provided by the customer is used and whatmeasures are being taken to protect personal information. 

The company will notify you through the website announcement(or individual notice) when revising the privacy policy.

ο Privacy Policy Notice Date: January 18,2018

ο This policy will be effective as of[January 18, 2018]. 


Consent to collect personal information  

The Company shall establish a procedure for you to click the"Agree" button or the "Do not Agree" button on the contentsof the Company's privacy policy or Terms of Use and click the "Agree"I agree with you.  


Protecting Children's Privacy 

ο The company obtains the consent of thelegal representative when collecting personal information of children under 14years old. 

ο A legal representative of a child underthe age of 14 years may request the reading, correction and withdrawal of thechild's personal information. If such a request is made, the company will takenecessary measures without delay.  


Items of personal information you collect

The company collects the following personal information formembership registration, counseling, service application and so on.

ο Collection items: name, date of birth,gender, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phonenumber, e-mail, occupation, marital status, resident registration number,service use history, access log, cookie,

ο How to collect personal information:Homepage (membership, bulletin board, etc.), delivery request  


Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The Company uses the collected personal information for thefollowing purposes.

ο Fulfillment of contracts related toservice provision and settlement of fees due to service provision

Providing content, purchasing and payment of charges,shipping or billing

ο Member Management

It is also possible to check the identity of the legalrepresentative when collecting personal information of children under the ageof 14, to check the complaint, to handle complaints, Forward notices

ο Apply to marketing and advertising

Statistics about events such as events, advertisinginformation transmission, frequency of access or use of services by members

However, we do not collect sensitive personal information(such as race, ethnicity, ideology, creed, hometown and homeland, politicalorientation and criminal record, health status, and sex life) that may be ofconcern to your basic human rights violations.  


Retention and use period of personal information

ο Your personal information will bedestroyed when the purpose of collecting personal information or the purposesfor which it was received is accomplished as follows.

- In the case of membership information, when a memberwithdraws from membership or is expelled from membership

- In the case of payment information, the completion date ofthe payment or the expiration of the term

- In the case of delivery information, when the goods orservices are delivered or provided (except when it is necessary to preservethem under the provisions of the Commercial Act, etc.) 

ο Despite the above retention period, wewill accept your consent if we need to keep it. 


Procedures and methods of destroying personal information

In principle, after the purpose of collecting and usingpersonal information is achieved, the company will immediately destroy the information. Theprocedure and method of destruction are as follows.

ο Destruction procedure

The information entered by the member for membership istransferred to a separate DB after the purpose has been accomplished (in thecase of paper, separate document). According to the internal policy and otherrelevant laws and regulations, Period is saved and discarded. Personalinformation transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any other purposeother than that held by law.

ο How to destroy 

- Personal information stored in an electronic file isdeleted using a technical method that can not play the record.  


Providing personal information

In principle, the Company does not provide the user'spersonal information to the outside. However, except as follows.

- When users have agreed in advance

- In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulationsor for the purpose of investigation, if there is a request from theinvestigating agency in accordance with procedures and methods prescribed inthe Act. 


Consignment of collected personal information

The Company may process and process your personalinformation for external purposes. 

ο We will notify you in advance if weconsign the handling of personal information. 

ο In the case of entrusting the processingof personal information, it shall clearly stipulate the instructions of theservice provider regarding the protection of personal information, theconfidentiality of personal information, the prohibition of third partyprovision, and the burden of responsibility at the time of accident, We willkeep the contents in writing or electronically. 

- Subject: [Name of the courier]

- Consignment service contents: [Delivery contents of thecourier service] Example) Delivery of goods

- Target audience: [Name of PG company]

- Contents of commissioned business: [contents of PGcompany] ex) purchase and payment 


Rights of users and legal representatives and theirnavigation

You may view or modify your personal information at any timeand may request that you terminate your subscription. 

In order to view or modify the personal information ofusers, you must click "Leave member" to cancel the membership change(or change the membership information) (withdraw your consent) Or you canleave. 

Or, if you contact the person in charge of personalinformation management, please contact us by phone or email and we will takeaction without delay. 

If you request correction of errors in your personalinformation, we will not use or provide the personal information until we havecompleted the correction. Also, if wrong personal information has alreadybeen provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delayand correct the processing result. 

The Company treats personal information that has beenterminated or deleted at the user's request as described in "Retention andUse Period of Personal Information Collected by the Company" and isprohibited from being viewed or accessed for other purposes.  


Technical measures to protect personal information

In handling your personal information, the Company takes thefollowing technical measures to ensure that personal information is not lost,stolen, leaked, altered or damaged. 

ο Your personal information is protected bya password. Encrypting your files and transferring data or using a file lockingfeature, important data is protected by a separate security function.

ο The company uses vaccine programs to takemeasures to prevent damage from computer viruses. Vaccine programs areupdated periodically, and if a virus suddenly emerges, we provide it as soon asit is available to prevent personal information from being compromised. 

ο The company adopts a security device (SSLor SET) that can securely transmit personal information on the network using acryptographic algorithm. 

ο In order to prevent your personalinformation from being leaked by hacking or the like, we use a device thatprevents intrusion from the outside. We install intrusion detection system foreach server and monitor intrusion for 24 hours.  


Matters concerning the installation and operation of theautomatic collection device of personal information and its rejection

The company operates 'cookies' that store and find yourinformation from time to time. A cookie is a small text file sent to yourbrowser by the server used to run oo's website and stored on your computer'shard disk. 

The company uses cookies for the following purposes: 

 Purpose of use such as cookie 

- Provides targeted marketing and personalized servicethrough analyzing frequency of visitors and non-members' access frequency andtime of visit, identifying user's taste and interests, traceability, 

You have the option of installing cookies. Therefore,you may allow all cookies by setting options in your web browser, check each timea cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. 

 How to decline cookie setting 

Example: To decline cookies, you can either accept allcookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies byselecting the option for your web browser. 

Example of setting method (for Internet explorer) 

: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy at the top of yourweb browser 

However, if you refuse to install cookies, it may bedifficult to provide services. 


Civil Service on Personal Information

In order to protect customer's personal information and todeal with complaints related to personal information, the company appoints therelated department and personal information manager as follows.

Person in Charge of Personal Information Name:

Phone: 010-4413-7898


You may declare any privacy complaints that may arise as aresult of your use of the Company's services to the person in charge ofPersonal Information Management or your department. The Company willrespond promptly to the users' complaints.

If you need to report or consult about other privacyinfringement, please contact the following organizations.

1. The Personal Dispute Resolution Committee(

2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee(

3. Internet Crime Investigation Center(

4. The Cyber ​​TerrorResponse Center (


I agree to the privacypolicy.