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Terms of Use

Chapter1: General Provisions  
Chapter 2: Service Use Contracts  
Chapter 3: Obligations of Contracting Parties  
Chapter 4: Service Usage  
Chapter 5: Termination of Contracts and Use Restrictions  
Chapter 6: Miscellaneous


Chapter 1: General Provisions 

Article1 (Purpose) 
This Agreement shall be governed by the terms and conditions of use of allservices (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by themerger line (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") on its website(
kma-zen.com) The purpose of this document is toprovide  

Article2 (Definitions) 
The definitions  of terms used in these Terms and Conditions areas follows: 
1. User: A person who receives services provided by the Company pursuant to theTerms and Conditions. 
2. User Agreement: A contract between the user and the user regarding the useof the service. 
3. Subscription: Fill out the information on the application form provided bythe company, Completion of service agreement by agreeing to these Terms 
4. Member: A person who has registered the member by providing personalinformation necessary for membership on this site 
5. User ID (ID): For identification of member and use of service ofmember 
6. PASSWORD: A combination of letters, numbers, and specialcharacters set by the user himself or herself in order to protect theinformation of the member. 
7. Termination: The use of the service by the company or its members Afterthat,

Article3 (Effect and Modification of Terms) 
Members may request withdrawal (termination) of membership if they do not agreeto the changed terms and continue to use the service after 7 days from the effectivedate of the changed terms You agree to be bound by the 
terms of this Agreement.
You will be notified byposting on the service screen of these Terms of Service, 
The Company may change the contents of this Agreementif it is deemed necessary, and the modified Terms shall be announced on theservice screen and if the user continues to use the service after 7 days afterthe notification, Will be considered. 
If the user does not agree with the changed terms, he/ she can discontinue his / her use of the service and cancel his / hermembership. If he / she continues to use the service, he / she will be deemedto have agreed to change the terms and conditions. . 

Article4 (Applicable Regulations)  
The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are subject to theprovisions of the Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Actand other relevant laws and regulations. 


Chapter 2 Service Use Contract 

Article5 (Establishment of 
Use Agreement ) The use agreement is establishedwith  the consent of the company for the use application of the userand the agreement contents of the user. 

Article6 (Application for Use) The  
application for use can be recorded on the membership information screen of theservice by recording the personal information of the user on the applicationform requested by the company.  

Article7 (Approval of application for use) 
When a member makes an applicationfor use by accurately describing all the details of the application, we willaccept the application for service unless there are specialcircumstances. 
If you fall under any of the following subparagraphs,you may not agree to use. 
1. When you did not apply with your real name 
2. When you made an application using the name of someone else 
3. When you made a false statement of your application 
4. When you applied for the purpose of hindering the well- 
5. Not satisfied with application requirements set by other company  

Article8 (Amendment of Contract)  
Members shall amend any of the items listed at the time of application foruse. 

Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Party 

Article9 (Obligations of the 
Company ) The  Company does not disclose or distribute themember's personal information to third parties without their consent. 
However, this shall not apply in cases where there is a request by the stateagency pursuant to the provisions of the Act, such as the Basic Act onTelecommunications, a request for criminal investigation, or a request made bya procedure set forth in other related laws and regulations. 

Article10 (Membership Obligations) 
Members shall not engage in any ofthe following acts when using the Service. 
1. Illegally use other member's ID  
2. To reproduce, publish or provide information obtained from the service tothird parties  
3. To infringe on copyrights of the company or other rights of thirdparties  
4. Public And violation of order and morals. 
5. Acts  that are objectively determined to be connected withcrime. 
6. Acts that violate other relevant laws and regulations.  
Members can not conduct business activities usingservices. The Company shall not be liable for any consequences resulting fromsuch 
The member can not transfer or give the right to usethe service or the status of other usage contract to another person, norprovide it as collateral.  

Chapter 4 Service Use  

Article11 (Obligations 
of the Members ) 
The membershave the responsibility to manage the maintenance of their e-mails, bulletinboards and registration materials as necessary. 
Members can not delete or change the materialsprovided by the company. 
The member shall not register on the website of thecompany that violates the public order and morals and the contents thatinfringe on the rights of the third party or other rights. 
   Members are responsible for all the consequences of posting suchcontent. 

Article12 (Management and Deletion of Posts) In  
order to operate efficient service, it is possible to limit the memory space ofthe member, size of message, number of days to be kept, etc. If the contents ofregistration falls under any of the following items, it can be deleted withoutprior notice. 
1. Content that defames another member or a third party or damages reputationby slander. 
2. Content that violates public order and morality. 
3. Content that  is deemed to be connected with criminalactivity.  
4. Company Copyright or other rights of the third party  
5. If the member displays pornographic material on the company's homepage orbulletin board or links the site with obscenity 
6. If the user  thinks it is in violation of related laws andregulations  

Article13 (Copyright of the 
post ) The copyright of the post belongs to the publisher, and themember can not use commercially published materials such as processing andselling the information obtained by using the service.  

Article14 (Service Hours)  
The use of the Service is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless thereare special obstacles to business or technology. However, this is not thecase when there are reasons such as periodic inspection. 

Article15 (Responsibility 
for Using Service ) The  service shall not be used for hacking,fornication of site links, illegal distribution of commercial software, etc.The result and loss of business activity caused by violation, The Company shallnot be held liable for any such damages.  

Article16 (Suspension of Service) In 
case of any of the following, you may stop providing the service. 
1. Inevitable due to the repair work of the equipment for service  
2. When the telecommunication service provider terminated the telecommunicationservice prescribed in the Telecommunication Business Act 
3. When the system check is necessary 
4. When there  is a force majeure 

Chapter 5 Termination and Use Restrictions 

Article17 (Cancellation of Use and Limitation of Use) 
(1 ) When a member intends to terminate the use contract, the memberhimself / herself must apply for termination through the Internet. 
The Company shall give the user theopportunity to express his / her opinion by 30 days before the terminationaction if he / she acted in the following items. 
Illegally interfering with the operation of the service  
3. When applying for membership by false 
4. When the same user double-registered with another ID  
5. When the public order and the mood If the information was disseminated thatinhibit the  
6. If the acts that cause damage to another person's honor ordisadvantaged  
7. If you are transferring a large amount of information for the purpose ofdisturbing the stable operation of the service or transmit advertisinginformation  
8. information Computer virus program causing malfunction of communicationfacilities or destruction of information  
9. Infringes the intellectual property right of company or other member orthird party 
10. To infringe  personal information of user, user ID andpassword If you use  
11 members showing pornography like their website or bulletin board, or if alink to pornographic sites  
that violate 12. other relevant laws If he judged 

Chapter 6 Others 

Article18 (Prohibition of Transfer) A  
member may not transfer or give the right of use of service or other status ofuse contract to another person and can not provide it as collateral.

Article19 (Indemnity) The  
Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members in connectionwith the services provided free of charge, except for damages caused byintentional or gross negligence of the Company. 

Article20 (Disclaimer) 
If the company can not provide theservice due to natural disasters, war or other force majeure, the company isexempted from responsibility for the service. 
The Company is exempted from liability for damagescaused by unavoidable reasons such as maintenance, replacement, periodicinspection and construction of service facilities. 
The Company shall not be liable for the obstacles tothe use of the service due to the cause of the member. 
The Company shall not be liable for damages caused bythe data obtained through profit or service that the member expects to use theservice. 
The Company shall not be held responsible for thecontents of information, data, facts and accuracy posted by the member in theservice.

Article21 (Competent Court) If  
a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, thecourt having jurisdiction over the location of the company shall be thejurisdiction of the exclusive jurisdiction.  

(Effective Date) These Terms and Conditions shall be effective from
2018년 01월 18일


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